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Why Learn Chinese?

  • Join over 1 billion other people in speaking the language

    Learn Chinese to connect better with friends, colleagues, or business contacts.

  • Open yourself up to more job opportunities.

    China is the world's second-largest economic power, as well as one of the top trade partners of the world. Learn Chinese to give yourself an extra competitive edge.

  • Expose yourself to a new culture

    China has one of the oldest and richest heritages of the world. Through TutorMing, you will learn Chinese customs and traditions old and new. TutorMing incorporates key cultural lessons while you are learning Chinese online.

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    The Future of Learning

    Soon, you will be able to learn Chinese in the most fun and easiest way possible with our online Chinese tutor consultants. Anytime, Anywhere, TutorMing.

Five advantages of learning with TutorMing

  • Anytime,Anywhere

    Whether you are at home, on the go, out of town, using a laptop or tablet. As long as you have Internet, we are here to teach. Doesn't matter if you are an early bird or night owl, we have lessons for you.

  • CustomizedLessons

    The user experience is at the heart of everything we do. Our sophisticated technology platform ensures that you are matched with the best consultants and course materials to suit you.

  • TechnologyBased

    We believe that education should be innovative. Our online classroom features an integrated whiteboard, instant messaging, quality video and sound - all the benefits of being in a physical classroom.

  • CertifiedConsultants

    Quality instruction is important to us. Our world-class consultants are all selectively chosen native Chinese speakers, who then undergo specific training with TutorMing. Each one of them is certified, has had rich teaching experience, and specializes in his/her profession.

  • PrivacyProtection

    We offer a one-way webcam system. You can see our online Chinese tutor consultants while learning Chinese online, but our consultants cannot see you, so you can try speaking Chinese with confidence.

  • Great education partners make it possible!

    Partners from iTutorGroup

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