Free Chinese learning tools with TutorMing. Aside from consulting services, TutorMing offers other free learning tools. Check out these free Chinese learning tools that will help you become fluent in Chinese! Download TutorMing's app so you can learn wherever you go! Come back often for updates.

Chinese Learning – Mobile Apps

    • TutorMing Mobile

      Take your TutorMing Chinese classes anywhere with this TutorMing Classroom App for Pad!

      Real Time!

      TutorMing is your online solution for learning Chinese. This is TutorMing's classroom app, allowing you to take our virtual classrooms on-the-go with you on your tablet or smart device. Our certified Chinese consultants can interact with you and answer your questions in real-time.

      Real Tutors!

      Unlike prerecorded lesson videos or Chinese dictionaries, with TutorMing's classroom app, you are in a virtual classroom with a real, live, Chinese consultant. He or she can correct your Chinese pronunciation, answer any questions you may have, and teach you new vocabulary and sentences in Chinese. Our sophisticated DCGS (Dynamic Course Generation System) matches you with the course material that best suits your needs, interests, and industry.

      Real Results!

      100% Customized lesson materials, designed according to your interests and abilities. Reach your learning goals as fast as possible!

    • Chinese Exam Helper

      TutorMing's Chinese Exam Helper is the best way to increase your Chinese skills! Using vocabulary from standardized tests such as HSK, AP Chinese, and the SAT II Chinese subject test, the Chinese Exam Helper App creates daily flashcards to help you study and memorize Chinese characters.

Chinese Learning – Web Resources

    • Pinyin Table

      The Pinyin table is a valuable resource in helping you learn the sounds of Chinese. It shows students how to pronounce words properly when looking them up in a dictionary, and will be a vital tool when learning to type Chinese characters on a keyboard.