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Maddie C.


About Me

Hi,this is TutorMing’s Maddie.Cui. I was born in 1990. I am a native Chinese from HeBei province .My favorite pastimes are reading, especially things related to Chinese culture or some stories based in modern China such as “Life and Death in Shanghai”. After reading these kind of book, I am more aware about my surroundings, which helps me understand my own Chinese culture even more. When it comes to my music taste, I prefer to listen to some light music, and when talking about sports, I like running, an occasional badminton game, and sometimes I even like climbing mountains.

In China ,we have a saying “It’s never too late to learn.” I like this sentence because I feel it really describes me. I always push myself to learn something new. My intention is to make progress every day in whatever the task for that day is, which applies to personal things as well as my work.

I have been a Chinese language teacher for over 5 years now, doing 1 on 1 teaching with students which has allowed me to accumulate over five thousand hours of online teaching experience, something of which I am very proud of. I have taught students of a young age as well as those who are senior citizens, from many countries. I am good at helping them to prepare for various Chinese exams, such as the AP Chinese test or the HSK. I am pleased to highlight that the majority of them passed these exams with excellent marks!

Here I have 3 suggestions when it comes to learning Chinese: 1.During your daily life and work, try to use Chinese. Don’t just study it on your own.
2. In my opinion, I do believe language is a key to understanding culture. So if you are interested in the Chinese culture, it is also very helpful for you to learn Chinese as well.
3. Last but not the least, please do some preview and review before and after the lesson.
I am patient with my students and will do my best to make your lessons interesting and enjoyable. I am sure you will enjoy learning with me! Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a nice day!^_^