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Zhuo W.


About Me

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Speaking Chinese is kind of cool.
I don’t have an English name,
Call me ‘Zhuo’ and that’ll be great.
If you’re not sure how to say it,
Take my lessons and ask for it.
Born in China and live in Australia,
Being bilingual makes me feel superior.
Nice to meet you and welcome to Chinese,
My lessons are delicious just like cheese.
Worked years as a court interpreter,
In 2012 I became a teacher.
I’m a snowboarder and my hobby is to eat,
I love animals but also love meat.
I have two bachelor and two master degrees,
Knowledge is such a boundless sea.
So allow me to be your swimming trainer,
Teaching you to speak and read newspaper.
Sorry my poem has to stop here,
Time to say bye but don’t shed tear.
‘Cause we’ll meet again in the lesson,
So prepare your pen and your passion.