TutorMing is an online service for learning Mandarin Chinese, founded in 2008 to meet the demand of Chinese learners everywhere. We teach live on the internet with our certified Chinese consultants, allowing you to learn anytime and anywhere.

Live | Anytime | Anywhere

    • What does "live, anytime, anywhere" mean?

      At TutorMing, you're always booking a class with a real, certified Chinese consultant, who can interact with you and answer your questions in real-time. We will never give you a prerecorded lesson video. TutorMing is also compatible with mobile devices, so you can take our classes on the go and learn anywhere: in the office, abroad in another country, on your bed at home, etc.

    • What makes us different?

      People often say that the best way to learn a language quickly is to go to a country that speaks it and immerse yourself in it. Unfortunately, many people do not have the resources or time to travel to China. Our top-rated course materials and Chinese immersion-style classes will help you achieve fluency quickly and efficiently in the comfort of your own home.

      We understand that many language-learners lead busy lives. At TutorMing, you can set your own learning schedule through online reservations with our professional teachers in our virtual classrooms.

      Our patented Dynamic Course Generation System (DCGS) matches lesson plans to each learner‘s specific requirements such as abilities, interests and professional background. You no longer need to be force-fed traditional teaching materials that have no relevance to your life!

    • Unlike software or prerecorded Chinese lessons, TutorMing offers live consultants that teach in real-time. Your personal Chinese consultant can analyze your progress and provide detailed feedback to improve your learning results.

      The best part is, all of our consultants are certified to teach and have years of Chinese teaching experience, so they know how to help you succeed.

    • Maximize your learning potential through active participation and interaction with native-Chinese consultants in a small class setting. Class sizes range from one to three students, so you can get the individualized attention needed for Chinese language learning.

      Why wait? Start learning Chinese with TutorMing now!

Why are we called "TutorMing" ?

  • The "Tutor" part of our name comes from our parent company, iTutorGroup. iTutorGroup has won multiple awards in the language-learning industry, and we strive to bring the same excellence to all our Chinese learners.

    The "Ming" part of our name comes from the character "明 (míng)", a symbol of clarity and wisdom in the Chinese language.