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    • VIPABC partnered with Alibaba Tmall in opening the "living-room learning" model.

    • Yao Foundation hosts the Hope Primary School Basketball Season with VIPABC donating 10,000 class sessions.

    • VIPABC sponsors the world's first crowd-funding TV series "The Makers."

    • VIPABC was the recipient of the Applied Innovation Award in the Chinese eLearning industry.

    • Yao Ming became a brand ambassador for iTutorGroup.

    • VIPABC won the Brand Product Award in the Chinese eLearning industry iTutorGroup, the world's largest English learning institution. iTutorGroup has completed series B funding, gaining $100 million in capital injection.

    • iTutorGroup, the world's leading online English learning institute, has now added SBI Group to its list of investors.

    • VIPABC, an online education institute in China for fifteen years, has won an award for being an outstanding enterprise.


    • VIPABC received the "Most Strongly Comprehensive Education Group" title from Sina Education.

    • "Most Influential Foreign Language Brand of the Decade" from Tencent.com

    • "Most Influential Education Group of the Decade" from Tencent.com

    • VIPABC was honored to receive China's "2013 Annual Innovative and Growing Business Top 100."

    • Congratulations to VIPABC for winning the Top 100 Future Stars of 2013 Award.


    • Was listed on China Education Ceremony as "Society's Most Recognized Internet Education Institutions."

    • Was listed on Annual Education Billboard as "China's Most Valuable Brand of Foreign Language Institutions."

    • Honored to receive the "2012 Global Innovation Top 100 Red Herring Award."

    • VIPABC Customer Service team enters the "Flagship Shanghai Customer Service Center."

    • Honored to receive the "2012 Asia Innovation Top 100 Red Herring Award."

    • The first VIPABC Experience Center was officially established in the Beijing Central Business District.

    • iTutorGroup received funding of 15 million USD from Qiming Venture Partners.

    • Launched mobile learning software "Mobile Vocabulary," an iPhone application, which hit the number one spot in the education category.

    • Received the highest possible rating of AAA from the Ministry of Commerce and SASAC.

    • Passed the third party safety certification from "Trust 360."


    • Named on the Annual Educational Billboard as one of "China's most valuable training brands."

    • Was listed on China Education Ceremony's "Top Ten Online Education Institutions."

    • The mobile learning system TutorMobile was awarded the highest honor of IT products Outstanding IT Application and Product Award.

    • Jointly named by Beijing Youth Daily and Beijing Media as "2011's Golden Reputation Brand of Foreign Language Educational Training Institutions."

    • Lead the world in publishing a live, interactive learning system for tablet: TutorMobile.

    • Appointed the executive director unit of "China's Long-Distance Education" magazine.

    • Established global cloud computing operations center.


    • Won the Golden Wing Award for "Top Ten Brands of Foreign Languages."

    • APEC summit - Was named "highest potential growth this year" on the "Valuable Chinese Enterprise Chart."

    • Was listed on Xinhuanet's "Top Ten Influential Brands of Foreign Educational Institutions."

    • Was listed on Education Annual Billboard's "China Top Ten Brand of Long-Distance Education Institutions."

    • Was listed on China Education Ceremony's "Most High-Quality Foreign Language Education Service Institution."

    • CEO Dr. Yang was invited to be a speaker for the Cross-strait Summit of Chinese leaders.

    • CEO Dr. Yang was invited to be a panelist for the 60th Anniversary People's University Business School.

    • Established the world's first permanent, no closing, 365 days 24 hours Education Service.

    • Founded the online auditorium, and opened a new learning style.

    • Started up the TutorKTV global online entertainment platform and TutorYOGA global private yoga platform.

    • Co-organized the Joint Admission Briefing with Shanghai Fudan University and National Taiwan University EMBA, through the help of VIPABC.


    • Established a high-end English online learning platform.


    • Discovering the power of charity - providing education resources to schools in remote areas.

    • Established English learning platform VIPABCJr for teens and young adults.

    • Established global Chinese learning platform TutorMing.

    • Issued a press conference for the launch of TutorMing.


    • Post E-Learning 2.0, fully realizing the concept of education as a service: allow students to have the power to decide.


    • iTutorGroup Education Group received the honor of ISO 9001 International Quality Certification.


    • Received an Award of Excellence in the Online Learning category for "Innovative Application" and "Learning Service."

    • The Dynamic Course Generation System (DCGS) received the National Invention Patent.

    • The Global Operations and Research Center was established to enable large-scale management of teaching resources.