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The TutorMing levels and corresponding exams

The proficiency of Chinese associated with each level

  • Level 1-2

    Clients who complete this level can pronounce words as they read and have built up a fundamental set of vocabulary. They can have basic conversations with Chinese-speaking individuals, and they have the ability to describe basic routines, current conditions, and appearances. They can describe things using basic words and answer questions with both positive and negative answers.

  • Level 3-4

    Clients who complete this level have enough vocabulary to express basic feelings and emotions, and are more comfortable with the expression of basic complements. They can make comparisons along with basic descriptions, use adverbs when describing actions, and can offer and accept basic invitations. They are more confident in a simple and direct manner, applying it in a basic fashion to their daily lives.

  • Level 5-6

    Clients who complete this level are now capable of describing things that are related to their everyday lives and can initiate a conversation with more confidence. They have begun to use phrases related to various situations. They have the ability to read and understand in detail basic subjects, with a few exceptions when less common words are used. They have also started to use some idioms in their conversations.

  • Level 7-8

    Clients who complete this level can now participate in debates and can state their opinions while supporting them with details and examples. They know how to express their feelings clearly and can elaborate on how events affect them. They have a comprehensive vocabulary appropriate for various occasions. They also know how to express effectively.

  • Level 9-10

    Clients who complete this level have a strong vocabulary and can recognize many Chinese expressions and idioms.  They can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, watch Chinese films and are capable of writing and delivering a lengthy speech in Chinese. They can direct conversations and participate in a wide range of debates, even if they are not familiar with the topic, and can express their opinions with ease. Their vocabulary competency is such that they can easily substitute vocabulary that shares the same meanings. They have studied almost all grammar patterns and have the ability to express themselves abstractly.

  • Level 11-12

    Clients who complete this level have an impressive understanding of academic and colloquial vocabulary and expressions. Their speech is fluent and accurate. They can convey complex ideas and information and can confidently discuss on a wide range of professional topics. They have the ability to maintain their own points of view in a debate and can participate in negotiations by formulating persuasive speeches. These clients are able to work in an Chinese speaking environment with ease.

Here are some examples of the exams