• Are you an absolute beginner? Do you have little or no Chinese speaking experience? Don't worry! It's never too late to start learning Chinese!

    • Not only do our consultants have extensive experience in teaching beginners, but we've also spent hours and hours developing fool-proof Chinese lesson plans and courses. We know the most effective ways to have beginners achieve basic Chinese fluency as quickly as possible.

    • Mandarin Chinese is easier than you think. While the characters and tones can seem tough to understand, Chinese has an extremely simple grammar structure. There are no tenses, no plurals, and a very easy numbering system. Subject / Verb agreement is non-existent, which means no conjugations either! Don't let the strange characters discourage you, TutorMing's consultants are here to help.

    • Our consultants know how to make Chinese learning fun and easy. You'll pick up the language without feeling like you are studying!

    • Our consultants will start with basic vocabulary and phrases, such as introductions. As you progress, more advanced vocabulary and grammar will gradually be introduced. Soon, you will be able to offer critical thoughts and opinions in Chinese, just like native speakers!

    • Don't just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself!