Yes, of course kids can learn Chinese! We encourage students to build a strong Chinese foundation at a young age, so they can build upon it year after year.

Did you know? In only four years, teaching Chinese in K-12 schools has increased by over 194 percent in the U.S!

Our Chinese classes for kids are designed to give younger students systematic training in four aspects of Chinese language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We make it fun and easy! In class, teachers will discuss interesting topics and stories to keep the students engaged.

For kids who have never taken Chinese classes before, we will start with basic topics such as greetings, self-introductions, etc. Pinyin and basic strokes of Chinese characters will also be introduced. As learners advance, more complex material and vocabulary will be introduced into their lesson plans. Soon, students will be able to use Chinese to offer critical views on different topics, just like native speakers.

Test-prep classes are offered to help build vocabulary and prepare students for standardized Chinese exams and tests, including AP Chinese.

Our one-way webcam system can ensure privacy and takes some pressure off the learner. We understand that speaking a new language can be daunting, especially for younger students, which is why we use this system. Now they can try speaking with confidence!

"Some kids can score high on tests, however their speaking skills are poor. The real reason is because they're scared to make mistakes." - Dr. Eric Yang, iTutorGroup CEO

To Students

Do you think studying Chinese is boring? That's because you haven't found the right learning method. Let our teachers show you how fun learning Chinese can be!

    1. Learn from home and enjoy meeting teachers from all over the world.
    2. Speak confidently! Our one-way webcam system provides you with all the privacy you need!
    3. What to learn, when to learn, who to learn with: it's all up to you!
    4. Learn Chinese from certified native teachers, wherever you are. We bring what you need to you!
    5. Prepare yourself for future Chinese exams that can be useful for university applications. No hardcore studying necessary! Just build your vocabulary through easy and fun interaction with native speaking consultants.

TutorMing versus Traditional Chinese Schools

    • Many parents choose to send their children to Chinese schools in order to learn Chinese, however there are noticeable disadvantages.

    • Inflexible Schedules

      Chinese schools classes are at specific times, often early in the morning on a weekend. For many young students, this conflicts with their other activities. And some younger students are not motivated to learn in the morning. At TutorMing, we let you schedule classes around your busy life, whenever you want to learn.

    • Transportation

      On top of strict scheduling, Chinese schools are in set locations. You have to arrange transportation to get your children to and from Chinese school, which can be extremely inconvenient. With TutorMing, you can learn on your laptop or smart device, anywhere.

    • Boring classes

      One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional Chinese schools is the content of the curriculum. Many Chinese schools rely on stiff, textbook subjects and methods to teach. At TutorMing, we let our students choose the topics they want to learn about, and make our material fun and interesting. They will learn Chinese without even feeling like they are learning.

    • Low level of personalization

      Chinese schools often have large classes of 20+ kids, which makes it hard to track individual progress. Every child should be treated as an individual, with personalized learning methods, individualized topics, and customized learning plans, just like an adult. They need someone to understand their needs, their strengths, and their weaknesses. At TutorMing, our classes are capped off at a maximum of 3 learners.

    • Learn with TutorMing!

      Don't worry about forcing your children to study. Provide your children with the opportunity to enjoy a Harvard-style classroom experience while learning Chinese in a fun and easy way! We offer Chinese test-prep courses for younger students, where learners will be prepared for future exams that can be useful when applying to colleges and universities. Without even feeling like they are studying, young students will gradually build their way to Chinese fluency!