Need to focus on Business Chinese? No problem! Our specialized consultants can help you learn Chinese vocabulary and content related to your industry or career.

TutorMing offers Business Chinese lessons for professionals

    • Are you always busy or on-the-go?

      You can take classes wherever you are, and learn the language that will help you interact in Chinese social circles. You may have already learned a variety of topics in Chinese, and you may be able to write business letters and presentations. But having an environment in which you can speak and learn is vital for continued progress.

    • Are you working in a competitive office environment?

      Then you shouldn't just learn plain Chinese; you should understand the specific language and terms for a wide range of professions. TutorMing's certified consultants can both improve your Chinese ability and teach you the professional expressions you need to succeed in a competitive working environment.

    • Are you interested in learning Chinese but do not have enough time?

      It doesn't matter if you are a salesman, programmer, business manager or CEO, TutorMing can accommodate your location and schedule needs, and tailor your lesson plans to offer you an effective plan to learn Chinese.

    • Do you understand the language but find it difficult to speak?

      Interactive learning with Chinese tutors in real time helps you to cultivate the fundamental language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in an all-Chinese environment. Your Chinese tutors will correct your pronunciation and grammar, and allow you to become comfortable expressing yourself in Chinese.

    • Do you want to open yourself to more career opportunities?

      China is the world's second-largest economy and one of the major trade partners in the world. Learning and perfecting the language can act as a complement to your other skills and give you a competitive edge in the job market.

    • Learn Business Chinese with TutorMing. Through the use of rich and varied lesson plans and a lively learning environment, we will help you achieve Chinese fluency and impress your colleagues and co-workers. Immerse yourself in a Chinese-speaking environment with us and be stunned at your progress.