Is your company branching out to China? Or perhaps you are doing business with Chinese partners? Let us help you bridge the language and cultural gap!

TutorMing provides executives and employees from companies worldwide a trusted way to learn Chinese. Through our online platform, executives and employees of your company can learn anywhere from our certified Chinese consultants in real time. Since 2008, our method has provided maximum convenience, flexibility and results for thousands of customers.

English has been the undisputed international language for the past centuries, but China's increasingly inviting economy and explosive economic growth in recent decades has elevated Chinese as a coveted language skill. Businesses looking for opportunities not only in China, but also in neighboring countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., are now seeking to educate employees in Chinese. The importance of Chinese in business is no longer a prediction; it is a trend.

Beijing, China's capital, now hosts the second largest number of Fortune 500 companies headquarters worldwide. According to a study conducted by Bloomberg, Chinese is the top language for business other than English. The reasons to learn Chinese for business are endless. Some benefits include:

    1. Ability to connect with clients directly, reduce possible misunderstandings and build strong relationship bonds on a first language basis.

    2. Acquire insight into Chinese culture and values.

    3. Gain strategic position to understand Chinese purchasing behavior.

    4. Strengthen communications with collaborators or branch offices in China.

    5. Extra competitive edge to differentiate your company against competitors.

Real Time | Real Consultants | Real Results

    • What is real time?

      We provide Chinese language training for your employees globally, crossing all time-zone barriers. Clients can reserve at any time and start a real, live session with Chinese consultants within 24 hours.

    • Who are the consultants?

      Our certified Chinese consultants are typically from Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei with extensive teaching experience. They can teach in both traditional and simplified Mandarin Chinese.

    • How do we see real results?

      With our patented Dynamic Course Generation System (DCGS), we match clients' lesson plan according to their level, interest, and profession. In addition, clients with special learning preference may be matched with consultants with related background. We also provide tracking system to your employees' learning status.

    • Language is not something mastered overnight, and that is why all our programs start at a minimum of 1 year. During the year, our clients are entitled to 150 sessions that can be taken anytime. Our corporate solution comes in the form of Group Subscription Packages, and each subscription is tied to one employee. This allows us to individually track progress and customize lessons accordingly.

      Not only will your employees gradually master the Chinese language, they will also be educated on various aspects of Chinese culture. We can also provide Chinese lessons on topics related to their field of work or study.