How do we make sure that our clients learn what they want to learn in our Chinese courses? We use our patented Dynamic Course Generation System (DCGS.) Think of it as a high-tech matchmaking service for students, materials and tutors, to maximize efficiency and compatibility.

How does TutorMing plan my personalized courses?

    • DCGS takes into account the client's industry, occupation, hobbies, and other characteristics and labels them with tags. DCGS then uses these tags to search our database for the most appropriate class and course materials, matching the client with the course best suited to their interests.

      DCGS will make real-time adjustments to courses based on the client's self-assessment, consultants' evaluations, and other relevant parameters. This helps ensure that the client is learning Chinese efficiently and effectively.

      TutorMing is one of the world's first platforms to use a system like DCGS. DCGS has already won several international patent awards. After clients fill out and submit their information, DCGS can develop a suitable Chinese learning plan by combining tagged industry topics, occupation categories, and personal interests.

    • Grasp Chinese Quickly and Easily

      We believe that learners who find Chinese difficult or boring, do so because they haven't discovered the best learning method. By matching the course materials and consultants based on their interests, our clients find that they pick up Chinese quickly, without feeling like they are studying!

      At the same time, DCGS will make sure that clients learn Chinese vocabulary and sentences relevant to their career or lifestyle, so they can use everything they learn in class in real life. Our clients will never be force-fed traditional textbook material, making our courses easy and fun!

    • Study Reports

      Our system tracks your learning process in detailed records so you can analyze your progress, identify your strengths and tackle your weaknesses, to perfect your Chinese skills.

    • Learning Assessment

      Rate the lessons and the consultant immediately after sessions. We understand that teaching styles and lessons should be adjusted accordingly to your needs.

    • Follow-up

      Receive class materials and other resources after each lesson, so you can review and study on your own time to enhance your progress.

    • Online quizzes

      Test your knowledge in a variety of ways in sessions to ace any Chinese language exam or test.