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    Below is a small sample of the topics and consultants in our reach. See how TutorMing can teach you practical terms and vocabulary, so you will be speaking Chinese in no time!

    • 6-minute Chinese Culture Class with TutorMing

      In this lesson segment, our consultant goes over the traditions and customs around Chinese New Year, the biggest celebration in Chinese culture. Some of the vocabulary covered includes how to wish someone a "Happy New Year" in Chinese, as well as "firecrackers", "celebratory dinner" and other Chinese New Year related phrases.

    • Learn Chinese Business Topics with TutorMing

      Learning Chinese for business is one of the many reasons students come to TutorMing. In this short lesson section, our consultant briefly teaches the student how to say "I call my client every week" in Chinese.

    • Enhance your Survival Mandarin with TutorMing

      This Chinese lesson covers some quick phrases that are bound to be useful in many situations! Some of the vocabulary taught includes how to say "take the subway", "missed my stop", "scared" and "finally got a call" in Chinese. Listen to how our consultant patiently corrects the student on some of the more difficult tones!

    • 5-minute advanced Chinese with TutorMing: Travel

      In this advanced Chinese lesson, our consultant guides our student through more difficult vocabulary regarding the best travel locations in China. Some of the vocabulary covered includes "architecture", "river side", "nightscape" and more.

    • 6-minute Chinese class with TutorMing: Taking a Taxi

      This Chinese topic is about phrases that you will use in everyday life. This lesson specifically covers Chinese vocabulary regarding transportation, such as how to get a taxi in China. Phrases like "Where are you going" and "I am going to the stadium" are also taught.

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