TutorMing has clients from all over the world and many different backgrounds coming to learn Chinese! Because of this, we have created numerous course materials to help our clients learn what they want! Our course materials are updated multiple times a week. We never run out of lessons, and our material is always current and fresh.

Here are some examples from the TutorMing's sessions

    • Departments|Level 1-4

      Many of our clients have to learn Chinese for business, despite being an absolute beginner at the language! TutorMing’s consultants can guide you through relevant vocabulary no matter what level you are. In this course material in particular, our consultant goes over how to say "department" in Chinese. We even look at a corporate structure and break it down into Chinese phrases for you.

      Besides learning corporate lingo in Chinese, you will also learn some basic sentence structures that you can automatically use in real life. In this lesson, for example, our consultant will teach you how to say, "I work in the __ department," in Chinese. Since we offer live lessons with real consultants, your consultant will also be able to teach you how to rephrase sentences into questions, such as "What department do you work for?"

    • How would you like that cooked?|Level 5

      At TutorMing, we understand the need for practicality in language learning. This lesson covers many phrases and vocabulary used in restaurant situations. For example, "How would you like your steak cooked?" Our consultants will also teach you how to say "order," "salad," "vegetarian," and other useful, food-related words in Chinese! Soon, you'll be able to converse in Chinese at a restaurant with confidence.

    • E-Commerce|Level 8

      TutorMing prides itself on being able to stay on top of current trends and events. In this Chinese materials example, our lesson revolves around a newer phenomenon: "Commode Commerce." E-commerce companies discovered that many people use their phones while on the toilet, and adjusted their advertising shrewdly! From this lesson, our consultants will teach you vocabulary such as how to say "Business strategy," "Specialized," and "Trend" in Chinese.

    • "We" Media|Level 10

      One of our more advanced lessons, this course revolves around Chinese phrases and sentences regarding social media, user-centered media venues, and more! Some of the advanced vocabulary you will learn include how to say "user," "friend network," "share / forward," and more in Chinese! This lesson also includes advanced sentence structure such as "According to this..." Your live consultant will be able to offer you situations and examples on how you can apply these new sentences to your daily Chinese conversations!

    • Singles' Day|Level 11

      TutorMing understands that Chinese culture is a large part of the language. That's why we offer Chinese lessons that focus around culture, such as this Level 11 lesson regarding Singles' Day! Not only does this lesson include a reading exercise on the background of Singles' Day and the giant Taobao shopping event, but it also includes more advanced vocabulary, such as how to say "self-pity," "lonely" and "reward" in Chinese.

    • Here at TutorMing, we understand that teaching younger children a new language requires a different approach altogether. Because of this, we've crafted course materials designed for children age 10 and younger to enjoy!

      • Where does the rabbit want to go?|Level 3

        In this lesson, the consultant covers the basic sentence structure, "Where do you want to go?" in Chinese. This lesson focuses on high-frequency Chinese vocabulary, such as "want" and "where," as well as names of locations. Since the student will be learning from a real, live consultant, the consultant will be able to teach him/her how to manipulate the vocabulary into different sentences. For example, changing "Where do you want to go" to "I want to go __," and "I also want to go __."

        With cute characters and a fun storyline, TutorMing's lessons are bound to keep kids interested and engaged in learning Chinese!