• Language-learning requires frequency and interaction

      Education, whether it's online or offline, has always been about interaction: sharing information with one another. The best teachers are those who take time to interact with their students.

      Chinese, like any other language, requires practice. You cannot perfect your language skills by memorizing vocabulary words or speaking to a computer. The most effective way is to exchange ideas about topics in a live discussion, whilst speaking that language.

    • Real Teachers, Real-Time, Real Results

      No computerized language system, no matter how powerful or high-tech it claims to be, can replace real-time interaction with a live teacher. TutorMing provides sessions with certified, native Chinese speakers. Our sessions are small, guaranteeing you one-on-one speaking time with our consultants.

      Through our one-way video system, students have access to numerous tutors so they can learn in an all-Chinese environment, anytime, anywhere.

      Learning a language should be fun and engaging! Our patented Dynamic Course Generation System (DCGS) allows us to match your interests, learning style, and level with the best consultant to suit your needs.

      Learning doesn't just end after class is over. You can download all the slides and resources so you can review on your own time. Our system helps you track your progress, identify weak areas, and more! It only takes a few sessions to see a large improvement in your Chinese skills.

    • Understand the culture, not just the language

      Language is an integral part of culture. To learn a language is to understand the culture and logic of its speakers. This depth of cultural understanding cannot be achieved by only interacting with a single native speaker.

      Our Chinese tutors all have teaching certifications. They possess prestigious education backgrounds and rich teaching experience. Each one can offer unique perspective on Chinese language and culture.

    • One-Way Video Protects Your Privacy

      To master a language, one must be prepared to make thousands of mistakes. Many students are afraid to practice speaking because of this. We want to put our learners at ease, in an environment where they are unafraid to make mistakes and learn from them. TutorMing’s one-way video guarantees privacy, encouraging learners to speak Chinese without worrying about embarrassment.