Online classes, also called e-learning, are becoming increasingly popular in the digital age. For those who do not have the time or resources to travel to China or experience Mandarin Chinese immersion techniques, TutorMing is an easy and suitable alternative.

TutorMing versus other online learning systems

    • MOOCs (such as Coursera)

      MOOCs (Mass Open Online Courses) are online classes open to thousands of participants at little or no cost. While they are great for speciality subjects like Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence MOOC, our Chinese experts believe MOOCs are not effective for language-learning. MOOCs are similar to sitting in a giant university lecture room with hundreds of other students. For language-learning, learners should seek classes where they can get individualized attention and practice speaking aloud with a native speaker. Especially since Chinese is such a tonal language, it is vital that a native speaker can help correct your pronunciations.

    • Pre-recorded Learning Tools (such as Rosetta Stone)

      Pre-recorded learning tools are useful in supplementing your Chinese classes, however our experts say they should not be relied on as the sole method for learning Chinese. By using this kind of learning tools, you aren’t able to practice speaking Chinese with another person directly, and you cannot get personalized attention. Learning tools also tend to be very stagnant courses, and you may learn vocabulary and phrases that are not personally beneficial to you.

    • DCGS (the TutorMing method)

      TutorMing doesn't use conventional teaching methods. It relies on the Dynamic Course Generation System (DCGS) and a 12-level proficiency system to design personalized classes for clients with their learning needs, interests, and habits in mind.

TutorMing offers a distinct learning environment

    • Smaller Classes

      TutorMing classes have a maximum of 3 learners per session, so each client will get personal attention and one-on-one interaction time with the consultant.

    • Course Materials

      We are constantly updating our course materials to keep our lessons current and fresh. Unlike textbook learning, our courses are situational and relevant, so the client will always learn useful Chinese vocabulary and grammar that they are sure to use!